The Leonard E. Greenberg Center for the Study of Religion in Public Life was established at Trinity College in 1996 to examine the influence of religion on politics, civic culture, family life, gender roles, and other issues in the United States and elsewhere in the world. It explores secular and religious values in its Program on Public Values, and sponsors Trinity’s Moses Berkman 1920 Memorial Journalism Award.



On May 23-24 2023 The Greenberg Center  hosted a two day academic conference on The Future of Judaism in America to coincide with the publication of the book by Springer Press.


Program on Public Values

Many of the challenges of society today involve the interaction of religious and secular values. Through its Program on Public Values, the Greenberg Center explores the values that inform public debate on critical issues of our time. In recent years the Program has engaged in a range of activities related to climate change.

The Program on Public Values sponsors Trinity’s Moses Berkman Memorial Journalism Award, given biennially to a distinguished American journalist for lifetime achievement. The 2022 Moses Berkman Memorial Award recipient was Thomas Edsall, columnist for the New York Times.


Annual Reports

Check here for the Greenberg Center’s archive of Annual reports with descriptions of the academic year’s events covering the last five years.


Spiritual Politics

Former director Mark Silk’s Religion News Service column on religion and politics.


Greenberg Lunch Seminars

Monthly lunch discussions at 71 Vernon Street at which a group of faculty and students meet for a virtual discussion of a scholarly article or chapter presented by the author.


Moses Berkman Memorial Journalism Award

The prize honors a journalist whose work demonstrates the qualities of integrity, insight, journalistic excellence, and serious moral purpose that were the hallmarks of Moses Berkman’s journalism. The prize was established by a gift from the estate of his wife Florence Berkman, also a longtime journalist at the Hartford Times and Hartford Courant. The 2022 Award winner was Thomas Edsall, veteran investigative journalist and columnist for the New York Times.


Greenberg Distinguished Visiting Fellows

Each year an accomplished scholar, religious leader or public figures is honored as Distinguished Visiting Fellow. Fellows visit campus for about one week to speak, interact with students and faculty and participate in the life of the Greenberg Center. The 2023 Distinguished Fellow was Bron Taylor from the University of Florida, a leading scholar on religion and nature.



Books and articles by our faculty and fellows


Religion in the News

Published by the Greenberg Center from 1997 to 2016, Religion in the News, a review of journalism, examined how journalists covered religious dimensions of the news. The Religion in the News archive is a valuable resource.

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